Our Story

Custom Clothing Redefined

In the early 2000s, Judah Estreicher, Founder of JBD Clothiers, began his career in the custom clothing industry as a representative for a nationwide clothier. While he loved the industry, he soon realized that there could be a better way of doing things, a way that would better serve his clients.

Client-First Approach

Judah founded JBD with the idea that both he and his clients would benefit from a more personal approach, without the layers of management that stand in the way of decision-making in larger organizations. 

He embraced the schedule flexibility and the ability to quickly execute new ideas in his new role. Judah was able to put clients first in a way that was not previously possible.

As JBD Clothiers has grown, Judah’s associates have benefited from these same advantages of working for a young, fast-growing company, enjoying improved compensation and profit sharing, schedules that fit their lifestyles and most importantly, the ability to deliver unparalleled service to clients. Our team members are able to execute their ideas to improve our products and services, and the overall JBD brand.

Our Tailors

Alex Tailor
John T. Jones
John T. Jones

Streamlined Service

Clients benefit from the JBD model as well, dealing with clothiers who are thoroughly trained so there are fewer alteration issues, improved communications and turnaround times, and locally-done alterations. JBD associates are empowered to address client needs and concerns swiftly and effectively.

Our associates are motivated to deliver on JBD’s goal of not only succeeding as a company, but building their personal brand as trusted advocates for our clients.

They’re encouraged to think creatively and to put their own stamp on our messaging via social media and other innovative marketing strategies, working both individually and collaboratively.


Our expert clothiers help clients with wardrobes that are carefully created, tailored and curated to be uniquely personal, so they look and feel their best.

All of this supports the JBD Clothiers mission

To help our clients build and maintain a proper wardrobe, saving time and ensuring that they are attired properly for any and all occasions and events.
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