Are You a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Person?

Fall colors, pumpkin spice, a little too much turkey, a dash of family politics – a recipe for your Thanksgiving, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without that one thing we count on to get us out of hanging out with family for too long – shopping.  I’m not sure if you are more of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday type, but I definitely love me some Cyber Monday deals.  Holiday shopping without the crowds of grumpy people and overplayed seasonal songs?  Count me in.  You can find deals online in pretty much any category without having to drag yourself all through the mall – even custom clothing.  

There are options for shopping custom online popping up all the time which is great.  Custom clothing is becoming more accessible for all and there are some definite advantages to shopping custom online, but there are also some cons. Let me lay them out for you and you can make your custom clothing buying decisions as a well-informed style citizen.  

Pro #1: Shopping custom online means a lower price point.  By cutting out the middleman, online custom clothiers can charge you less for a your custom style piece.  

Pro #2: It is super convenient.  You don’t have to worry about coordinating with a service or setting an appointment.  Whether it be by having you take your own measurements or downloading a body-scanning app, shopping custom online gives you the convenience of doing it all at home on your own.  

Pro #3: Quicker turnaround.  Buying custom clothing online cuts out some parts of the process, bringing your custom clothing to you a little bit quicker.  If waiting a little longer tries your patience, then you can feed that instant gratification monster a little easier by buying your custom clothing online rather than through an in-person service.  

Okay, so now that you know the main pros of buying your custom clothing online, let’s talk about some of the cons.  

Con #1: You have to do the work yourself.  You werk werk werk werk werk all day long.  Why would you want to do that when shopping?  If you buy custom online, you don’t have a representative doing all the work for you and making the process as easy and seamless as possible.  

Con #2: Cheaper up-front costs = more costs after purchase to get the perfect garment.  Oftentimes, buying custom online means you will have to pay the cost of a tailor to get that perfect fit after it arrives.  When you shop with a custom clothing service, those costs are usually included in the full price of your purchase.  

Con #3: You don’t have as big of a selection.  To make things less complicated, online custom clothing retailers give you less options and you miss out on half the fun of buying custom.  If you buy through a service you can choose any pattern you wish in colors you would never even had imagined.  

Buying custom online can be more convenient and it has its benefits, but you do miss out on some of the special touches of buying custom through an in-person clothing service.  You now know the basic ins and outs of the custom clothing online world, so with your incredibly knowledgeable mind, go and shop custom however your little heart desires and make sure to check out your online custom clothiers for some Cyber Monday deals.


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