Baltimore is Notorious for its Unpredictable Winters

Baltimore is notorious for its unpredictable winters.  In recent years, we have seen both winters of Snowmaggedon proportions and winters that did not really feel like winter at all.  No matter what weather this winter season brings, we are sure to face some chilly days, and it is important to be prepared for those days.  Facing a cold morning without a coat may be a terrible scenario, but even worse may be facing a cold morning with a coat featuring trends from ten years ago.  This year, it may be time to update your outerwear and I’m here to tell you about the latest trends to keep you warm.  

First, let’s discuss the basic outerwear that will always be in style.  I can pretty much guarantee that a classic camel overcoat is sure to impress.  This timeless piece has been a stunna  for years and it is sure to impress for years to come.  Hey, just look at Don Draper.  He was sporting this style long ago and we could all stand to emulate the wardrobe of this classy guy a little bit more.  You can never go wrong with an option like this one: 

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Another timeless classic, is the trench coat.  This lighter outerwear piece can take you from autumn to milder winters.  This option has been a wardrobe staple for detectives and secret agents alike for many years, but maybe you’re just a normal guy.  Don’t worry, this staple can add just the right amount of excitement that your everyday wardrobe needs.  I have never seen a fellow sporting a well-fitted trench coat who didn’t look put together, so pull yourself out of the fashion “trenches” by throwing on a classic trench coat and you are sure to impress.  

A more casual classic is the duffle coat.  It still pulls a winter look together, but it can work for looks both casual and semi-formal.  This outerwear option features toggles and hemp loops instead of buttons or a zipper and a hood.  Here is a monochromatic option of this style that I like:

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This classic coat is not only timeless, but it has been a prominent feature in collections this year and you are sure to see it everywhere.  Choose this option to keep you warm to keep particularly with current trends.  

Speaking of current trends, let’s discuss a few ways you can dress warmly if you are ready to move past the classics.  Besides duffle coats, there a few trends that were featured on multiple runways this year.  One big feature in men’s outerwear collections for this season is functional and practical outerwear.  This could mean more pockets featured on a classic style coat or throwing out the classic style and going for a safari-style or utility jacket.  This year is all about mixing the formal with the informal, so army jacket with your office attire is definitely an option.  If you want to try this style, I like this option by Bottega Veneta

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Another outerwear trend this season is the Black Trench.  The classic trench is traditionally tan, but this year we are seeing more black trench coats.  If you’re tired of being classic, but you love this classic style, try trading your tan trench for a black one. 

Finally, let’s explore the topic of trending colors.  Every year, there are new colors featured in outerwear trends.  This year, earthy and neutral trends dominated.  For you, this means you don’t have to worry about looking passé next year.  Neutral is always a look that you can make work.  My advice to you: hop on this bandwagon while it’s trendy to make a statement and keep riding along to maintain a classic look.  

I hope this has been helpful.  You now have no excuse to not be fashionably warm this fall/winter season.  Whether you stay classic or venture into trendy territory, stay warm and look good while doing it.  Personally, I hope we get a cold one this year, so I get to sport my new overcoat more.


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