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There is nothing more suave than a man donning a stylish tuxedo, harvested in the brilliant design and quality materials. Unlike those traditional-formal suits, the tuxedos look extremely edgy when teamed up with the right kind of accessories. For many men, a tuxedo is the most stylish attire that has all the qualities to emerge the pinnacle of sophistication. Do you have a romantic dinner date waiting around the corner? Are you looking to be the cynosure of all eyes at your friend’s wedding party? You can definitely opt for a lovely tuxedo to give everyone a major wardrobe envy. But,

you can raise the style stake higher only when you can pick the right tuxedo suitable to your personal sense of style. This blog shares some tips and tricks on wearing a tuxedo with the minimalist yet compelling approach –

When “blue” spells the ultimate elegance:-

With the fashion world evolving rapidly, legions of new suiting trends have begun to create a buzz.

In such scenario, the traditional black suits have become a passe. Over the past few years, the fashion industry has been found to experiment with very dark colors that are almost close to black. You can achieve the dark silhouette with a hint of something bright, and in this case, blue could be your ultimate bet. Dark shades such as blue have become hugely acceptable in the modern era. If picked rightly, a gorgeous blue tuxedo can make you stand out in the crowd. Avoid anything brighter than sapphire or navy blue. You can opt for a shawl collar lapel to spruce up your look. Today, the online stores are thronging with gorgeous mens fashion suits from several top-notch brands. You can buy a good attire from these stores as well.

Give the Navy-blue tuxedo a shot:-

Midnight blue or Navy blue has become one of the best alternative options to the black suits. Even more stylish than a black tux, a Navy tuxedo will make you look dapper without any effort. You should definitely invest in a great Navy-blue tuxedo if you are planning to impress your beau on a romantic candle-light dinner-date. You can also don it at a formal gathering, but in that case make sure to opt for the lighter shade of blue, which will add a minimal style to your outfit. You can rely on the eminent bespoke suit tailors in Patong to purchase a brilliant tuxedo.

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Give the conventional black a shot:-

A black tuxedo is a go-to option for most of the gentlemen. You won’t put a wrong foot in this case, so it is absolutely a safe bet if you are attending an event for the very first time. But, do not wear a regular tie, since it is too formal for a stylish attire like the tuxedo. Bow-ties are ideal for teaming up with a black tuxedo. Never opt for that two/ three-button single-breasted tuxedo and obviously not with those notched lapels. These things will basically turn a tuxedo into a traditional suit. You must be wondering that where from you should get a stylish tuxedo, isn’t it? There is a myriad of online stores that offer impeccable mens fashion suits on a shoestring rate. Also, you can get in touch with the eminent bespoke suit tailors in your city to make a satisfactory purchase.

So, go ahead and give your wardrobe a perfect spin with a fashionable tuxedo.


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