Change Up Your Tie Game This Spring

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and spring is here.  You’ve spent all winter trying to stay warm and dress to the nines, and now that we are out of the grey winter weather you are looking to match your look to the extra spring pep you now have in your step.  

Maybe you’re not looking to buy a whole new wardrobe, but I have a couple recommendations for the right tie to spruce up your classic navy suit.  A navy suit will always look classic and refined, but if you want to play around with your look a little bit, you can do so easily by changing up your necktie game.  

Now, a classic choice for necktie is always a grey striped tie.  It’s classic and I can promise you that as long as your suit fits right and your tie is the right length, that it will look good.  Here’s a good option:

But hey, let’s say you are feeling excited for spring and you want to change things up and show a little extra flair in your attire.  Why not try a polka dot tie? This red option adds some perfect pizzazz:

If you really want to look like a spring Easter egg ready to hatch and fully embody blooming flowers and happy thoughts, maybe go for a bright and shiny yellow tie.  I like this speedboat print one from Salvatore Ferragamo: 


The ultimate way to change up your spring tie game? Try a bow tie!  If you really want to make the crowds go wild, I would say why not make your bow tie pink? I like this one: 

So there you have it: a few surefire ways to look dapper in your navy suit this spring.  I wish you all the best in your spring fashion.


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