Choose The Perfect Wedding Tux And Suitable Accessories

Wedding Tux

Wedding day is a special day for everyone who is going to show their most beautiful side and accept the best wishes. So, you should pick the right accessories to decorate a men’s tuxedo to make your bride feel proud and better. Here are some main accessories to match a wedding tux, like cuff links, a watch, a tie, shoes and socks.

1 Tuxedo tie

Traditionally, you will be advised to wear a bow tie paired with a wedding tux. The Groom, Father of the Groom, Father of the Bride and other Groomsmen must wear them in the same style.

2 Cuff links for men’s tuxedo

The entire classic tuxedo has French cuffs. So you’d better choose a pair of fashionable and stylish ones. By the way, you don’t need to buy expensive ones, because they are easy to lose. Once you lose one of them, buying another pair makes sense. Find cheap ones that flatter your suit. They should be kept in the same style as well.

3 Tux shoes

The best choice that matches your tuxedo is the simple, shiny, plain and black leather shoes. If you just want to rent a pair, you can visit some tux shops or online shops providing a wide range of tuxedo shoes. Pay more attention to the size if you can’t try them in person. Make sure that the shop online offers a return policy. You can buy ones several weeks before your special day to avoid the troubles caused by the unsuitable size.

4 Tux socks

Maybe it is the easiest job on your whole shopping schedule. Pick a pair of socks in the same color as your suit and shoes. The price and look matter nothing. What matters is comfort when you wear them.


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