Fall/Winter ‘16 Menswear Trends

Coppers and sailors and plaids, oh my!  Finding fashion inspiration from the runway can seem as terrifying as facing your biggest fear.  The styles seen at fashion shows never seem quite approachable enough to roll out in the everyday lives of us average guys – or so it may seem.  While the fall/winter trends for this year may seem out of this world (funnily enough space gear was popular in menswear trend this season), there are definitely some tips you can gain from looking at the trends seen on the runways earlier this year.  

Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how we can spice things up in wardrobes for the chillier months.  There are many trends expected to take over men’s fashion this fall and winter, but I am just going to tell you about three of my favorites.  These three trends are easy to incorporate into already-established staples and can also be great ways to make a big statement if you want to be a little more courageous in your ensemble.

  1. Spend a few pennies on a little copper.  No, I’m not just making a terrible pun, among with the other normal brown and dark tones of fall, copper is the shining star this season.  This orangey-brown color is great because it is a neutral and goes with most other colors, but it also pops more than some other neutrals making it a great and easy way to stand out and look great.  Copper is a perfect color for your overcoat this year, like this suede one.

  2. Summer might be the best time for boating, but this fall/winter season is the right time to live out your aspirations to become a sailor.  Nautical-inspired pieces are in this season which means navy blazers, gold buttons and bulky sweaters are everywhere.  Think King Richard meets sea captain meets preppy schoolboy.  For a casual sailor-inspired look, try a classic sweater like this one from Maison Margiela with a heavier blazer.
  3. Plaids may seem like a typical classic of colder months and this is true.  You’re in luck if you are a fan of this fall classic because your classic plaids are more on trend this season.  However, this year isn’t just about classic plaids; bolder plaid patterns in more prominent pieces are changing up the plaid game this season.  If you are not a fan of a copper overcoat, another great choice this season is a bold plaid overcoat, like this one from Burberry 

So there you have it: my three favorite menswear trends of the upcoming fall/winter season.  Think of this guide as the sparknotes for men’s fashion trends this season.  I sifted through all of them so you don’t have to.  Whether you want to make little changes to your wardrobe or enter bold new frontiers in your fashion this fall, each of these trends is a great starting point. Now go enjoy the final days of your summer, but don’t forget to order your new overcoat before the first chilly morning hits.  


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