Highlights from WBAL radio interview on Preakness fashion!

This morning at 8:17am, Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was a guest on WBAL radio 1090 AM, Maryland’s Morning News show with host Bryan Nehman. Here are the highlights on Preakness fashion if you missed it! Audio recap coming soon!

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BN: Tomorrow, going out to the tracks and Saturday, people will be out there and want to know what to wear, especially for the guys… so normally for me at the Preakness, it’s usually just tee-shirt and a hat and y’know shorts because I’m in the infield; but if you’re in the grandstand, can  you just wear a suit, is that okay?

JE: Yeah, it is ok, but at the same time, this is one of those events where if you’re going to get an outfit specifically for an event, this would be the event to get the outfit for. If you’re going to wear a basic suit, I would try to get a suit where you can add some details to it, that way you can add some tradition of the colors of the Black-eyed Susan.

BN: If you get a custom suit, should it be some kind of loud suit that stands out, that is different than your typical navy blue or pinstripe suit or black suit?

JE: Since I do clothing, I like to be noticed, so of course I’m going to say that if you’re going to go custom you should do something that makes you noticed… specifically because you’re buying custom. People should recognize that it’s personalized.

BN: If you were to go with a woman, should you match your attire with what she’s wearing?

JE: I would find colors that complement each other.

BN: What about hats for guys, is it a necessity?

JE: I’m not a hat person, but if you’re going to go with hats, as a guy, a straw fedora hat would be great.

BN: I heard feathers are in, is that true and does that work for guys, or is it just a female thing?

JE: When it comes to fashion, when people ask me if they can pull certain things off,  I always respond by asking them if they believe that  they can. I definitely think that the feather look in the hat is a great look, especially because you can add color which can then bring you back to colors that can resemble the Black-eyed Susan.

BN: Tomorrow, Black-eyed Susan day, it’s going to be raining a lot in the morning. Does that affect your wardrobe choice at all?

JE: I wouldn’t change what I’m wearing, just wear colors that would be noticeable and bring an umbrella and a good looking raincoat.

BN: Any colors this year that are hot right now?

JE: I would say light blue, I’ll be wearing a very light blue suit with white buttons on it. Light colors, light grey, light blue, light green even.

BN: Thanks for joining us on Maryland’s Morning News. That was Judah Estreicher here telling us a little bit of fashion; he’s the founder of JBD Clothiers in Baltimore.


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