How to Choose a Suit for an Interview

It’s important that you choose a good suit for an interview in order to make a good first impression. They say first impressions can set the tone for the future of a relationship between two people, so you want to set a good one. It very likely could be the difference between you getting the job and not hearing back from the interviewer. Here’s what you should for when choosing a suit for a job interview.




Dark suits are the best for interviews. Solid black or navy works best, coupled with a crisp white dress shirt. Solid dress shirts are much preferable to anything with stripes or patterns. For women, blouses can be white or any other solid light color.


Good fabrics for interviewing suits include wool, wool blends, and high-quality blends with natural fiber. Linen suits don’t work well for interviews, as they are too lightweight and wrinkle easily.


Traditional styles are your best bet, but keep it modern as well. Solid colors and light weaves that are only discernible up close work well. Women can’t go wrong with a traditional pant suit.


Simply put, a suit should fit well. Store bought suits are designed to be a close approximation to your size, but they won’t fit you perfectly. Getting your suit fitted, or even getting a completely new suit tailored to your measurements will look sharp and is sure to make a great first impression.

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