In Style: Finding your signature summer shoe

Another summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe. Let’s talk about one important piece of that attire: your shoes, which are, in my opinion, the greatest accessory to any outfit.

If I’ve learned anything over my years as a custom clothier, it’s that every man’s lifestyle warrants a unique fashion style and approach. Every guy must assess his needs and personal taste and choose a wardrobe that fits his life. Let’s go through the steps (pun intended) of determining your summer shoe of 2021.

1) Consider your personal look. Whether you have intentionally curated it or not, you have a personal style. Think about what you like and don’t like in your clothing, and look for patterns in your wardrobe. If you have a lot of striped shirts, you are probably a stripes guy. If your closet includes quite a few green pieces, that might be part of your signature look. Start to take note of these things and make a list, either mentally or on paper.

2) Think about your lifestyle. Do you spend most of your time in an office, or are you out and about meeting clients? During the summer, do you spend a lot of time boating, or do you go for more walks? If you are on your feet a lot, you probably want something comfortable. If you spend time in areas with a large amount of dirt, maybe don’t pick a light-colored shoe. If your summers are much busier, you could pick a slip-on shoe so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of laces in a hurry.

3) Know your options. There are specific shoes that are only appropriate choices for the warmer weather, such as:

  • A knit sneaker: This shoe is a casual choice with style. Consider something like this option from Cariuma.
  • A summer espadrille: For a breathable shoe that’s easy to throw on, go with something like this.
  • A suede loafer: Looking for something a little less casual? Try a suede slip-on like the Moc Flex Support Shoe from B. Brave.
  • A leather loafer: Worried about scuffing your suede loafer? Go for a more forgiving leather option.
  • A colorful driving shoe: Driving shoes are a sportier version of the loafer. Choose a colorful version for a memorable look, like the pair from B. Brave shown above.
  • A light-colored derby shoe: If you want something summery but a bit dressier, consider a derby shoe in a light color like tan or light brown.

If you’re not sure, try out a few options. Summer is all about having fun, so make sure that your signature shoe choice this season allows you to enjoy your footwear in a personal way.

Judah Estreicher is the CEO of JBD Clothiers in Baltimore. He can be reached at [email protected]


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