In Style: More preparation for the comeback of wedding season

In March, we discussed some of the most common questions I receive about wedding attire for men. Now I want to talk about another common query: should you rent or buy your outfit for the big day?

My answer typically varies from person to person, so let’s break down how you can make the right decision.

First up: grooms. For the man getting married, I always recommend buying a tux or suit. It’s your big day, and you want to look good in a suit made specifically for you and your body, not an off-the-rack rental.

If you are a guy with a lifestyle that doesn’t regularly warrant wearing a suit, I can understand why you might hesitate to make this purchase. But this is an investment for a lifetime. Buy a suit that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Blue or navy are the most versatile choices, as these are neutral and classic colors.

For groomsmen, I am more likely to recommend a rental. It’s the groom’s job to figure out what suits his wedding party best. If you think they all could afford a suit and would continue to use it, I would recommend they all purchase one. If you are unsure, or you know that many of your groomsmen will never wear it again, save them the trouble and arrange for rentals.

I realize that some grooms will read this and still want to opt for a rental. With that in mind, let’s look at some key factors and see how renting and buying compare.


If you order a custom suit from me, it takes six to eight weeks from start to finish (I can expedite this process for an extra cost). With a rental company such as Men’s Wearhouse, you can place your order as close as two weeks out from your event without any extra fees. With fees tacked on, you can rent your suit even closer to the big day.


In purchasing your own suit, you can choose from pretty much anything, so the options are wide open. With renting, you are limited to what is available. While suit and tuxedo rental companies can have quite a few options, you will never find one that fits your style perfectly. With renting, you also opt out of being able to modify details like buttons or adding a personal monogram inside your jacket.


With both renting and buying, you have a vast array of quality options to choose from. Most rental companies maintain their clothing to a high standard, so you can opt for a higher-end rental and get a good suit. A custom suit will allow you to choose from top-quality fabric, but it will be a bit more expensive.


This is one of the main reasons I recommend buying: Fit matters, and when a suit doesn’t fit, you can tell. Standing at the altar, you want to look the best you can. With a custom-tailored suit, it will fit you like a glove.

I hope this comparison helps you make the best decision for your wedding attire. Ultimately this choice is a personal one, and you must decide what works best for you.

Got more wedding attire questions? Send them my way.

Judah Estreicher is the CEO of JBD Clothiers in Baltimore. He can be reached at [email protected].


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