In Style: The right attire for a groom and his wedding party

There comes a time in many men’s lives to take a walk down the aisle and get hitched. For something that (hopefully) only happens once, you’ll want to make sure you dress right for the occasion.

In days of old, all a groom had to do was rent or buy a tux, but today it’s a different story. In 2020, grooms and their groomsmen are encouraged to express themselves and show personality in the way they dress for the wedding. This is great for inviting variety and character into a wedding, but it makes for an overwhelming amount of choices. I want to help you break those down and decide the perfect garb for you and your party on the big day.

Let’s start with what not to wear. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo, but at the least don’t wear jeans; show some respect for the day and pick a nice pair of slacks. Also, your big day is about you (and your partner), so don’t try to step out of your comfort zone with how you dress — you want to feel like you and be comfortable celebrating.

So, what should you be wearing? You can choose anything from chinos and a button-up shirt to a tuxedo, and plenty in between. Here are some questions to help narrow it down:

What time of day is the wedding? Time is traditionally a big determining factor. A morning wedding warrants the most casual dress code, while an evening wedding is the most formal. An afternoon wedding would fall somewhere in the middle.

Are you tying the knot inside or outside? Outdoor weddings are just as common as indoor weddings today. This also plays a part in formality, as indoor weddings warrant a bit more formal dress than ones that are outside. You should also consider the practical implications of getting married outside. For example, if you booked a farm for the big day, you probably don’t want to choose shoes that are sensitive to dirt or water.

In what season are you getting married? The season of your wedding impacts the colors and types of fabrics you should wear. A fall or winter wedding would allow for a heavier wool suit and darker colors, while a summer wedding would be best for a linen suit and lighter colors.

What are you drawn to? Is there something you are particularly excited about wearing? It could be a small accessory or the whole outfit. Have you always thought it would be cool to have custom cufflinks? Do you imagine getting married in a classic tux? Does the thought of wearing suspenders and a bowtie make you feel especially classy? Don’t be afraid to wear the thing you always wanted.

Here are some outfit suggestions for varying dress codes:

Black tie: If you choose this option, it’s time to go for it and wear a tuxedo. This look is classic, and everyone knows it’s hard to look bad in a tuxedo

Semi-formal. This gives you some more options. I would recommend a perfectly tailored suit and tie. Ever-dashing and trending right now for weddings is a great navy suit.

Morning outdoor wedding. A lightweight suit would be a great option, but if you don’t want the hassle of a jacket, opt for dress slacks, a button-down shirt, a tie and a vest — still sharp and formal, but not as dressed up as a suit or tuxedo.

Once you decide what you are wearing, you must figure out the attire for your wedding party. Some grooms choose to wear the same thing as everyone as, though I would suggest opting for something similar but not identical. As the groom, you want to stand out. Your party could wear the same suit with a different tie, or you could decide to change up the color of the suit. Whatever you decide, make sure everything will blend well together.

Hopefully, you feel well-equipped now to choose the attire for your wedding. Remember to be yourself with how you dress, and if you have a look that is well-tailored and pieced together with class, you are sure to impress your guests.

If you are a wedding guest and don’t know what to wear, check out this article. And if you have questions about anything, send me an email at [email protected].


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