Instead of Going into Winter Wardrobe Hibernation, Try Prepping for Spring Fashion Instead

I am going to teach you a little something about versatility today.  It is an important adjective to embody because in fashion, versatility opens many doors of possibility.  What does it mean to be versatile in fashion?  It means being open to dressing unconventionally and daring to do things in style that may not have been done before.  


Now, you may be thinking to yourself at this very moment, “Hmm this versatility-in-fashion thing sounds great but what’s a practical way that I can incorporate it into my personal wardrobe?”  Well, I am so glad you asked!  One way to be fashionable and prepared is to start wearing spring suits during the winter.  This may sound weird and possibly damaging to your health on those bone-chillingly cold days but that’s what layering is for!  

I like this khaki suit from Calvin Klein.  

Or this blue suit from Topman. 

Here are four reasons wearing spring suits in winter is a good idea:  

  1. You get your spring suits before the rush and while the stores still have your size and favorite fabrics in stock
  2. You learn the art of layering and how great it can be to wear a light jacket AND a sweater instead of simply one or the other.  
  3. While everyone else is busy catching up on the latest seasonal trends and fashions come April, you have known about these things for months and get to be the pro when everybody is chatting around the watercooler about such styles.  (This is one more thing at which you get to be the expert.)  
  4. Your unique and impeccable winter style will stand above all others.  Others will stop and stare, amazed at how you have crossed seasonal fashion barriers managing to take on spring and winter both at the same time.  

So this winter, try something new in the way you dress.  After all, it is the season of new year’s resolutions.  Who knows? You may end up being the Ben Franklin of men’s fashion; pioneering a new trend that generations look back upon as iconic and unforgettable.  (That doesn’t happen to most of us, but you never know, my friend.)


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