It’s Not Too Late to Add Some Pizzazz to Your Summer Wardrobe

Are you looking to make everyone at the office GREEN with envy?  Does your summer style need a pop of color?  Even though summer is coming to close in the not-too-far-off future, it’s not too late to update your office wardrobe and get a few compliments before the season comes to a close.  

Emerald green is the latest color showing up everywhere and I am definitely a fan.  Incorporating this color into your ensemble in big ways or small is guaranteed to add an extra pizzazz to your outfit and generate an extra pep in your step.  This color started making the rounds in spring and summer fashion this season and it’s guaranteed to find its way into fall 2016 looks, so pay attention for a few ways to incorporate this color into wardrobe for the remaining duration of this season and during the emergence of the Fall 2016 season.  

If you are a newbie to statement colors, you can try out this hue in small ways.  It is a great color for your tie or pocket square.  I like these options.  Just remember the rules about ties and pocket squares: in general, your tie should match your shirt, while your pocket square shouldn’t exactly match them, but it should complement your tie and shirt.  

For an even more subtle way to add a pop of emerald to your wardrobe, try an emerald green dress sock.  Colorful dress socks are a great way to be a little daring in your ensemble, without completely putting yourself out there.  I like these emerald striped socks for a simple way to dress up your summer wardrobe 


Now, I know you fashion daredevils are on the edges of your seats, so now I bring you some emerald green wardrobe options to really make a statement.  One great way to make your ensemble pop is with an emerald green blazer.  You can go for a solid emerald blazer or try plaid blazer that incorporates this bright green like this houndstooth from Brioni. I don’t recommend going for a full emerald suit as this might be a little overwhelming.  With bold colors, even when trying to make  a statement, less is more.  Let me put it this way, you want to be the guy with the cool blazer, not the douche who tried to pull off a bold look but ended up looking like a human cucumber.  

Another great emerald wardrobe options is a statement jacket.  Try an emerald trench coat to carry you through rainy summer days into drizzly fall afternoons.  If you are not ready to incorporate emerald into your summer wardrobe, but you want to invest in an option for the colder months, I recommend and emerald pea coat to keep you warm in the chilly upcoming fall and winter seasons.  An emerald coat is the perfect way to make the colder seasons a little brighter and looks great paired with a dark wool suit.  

Emerald is a great way to spice up your wardrobe in this season or next.  Remember to not overdo it.  A little bit of a bright color can go a long way in making a bold statement.  My friend Kermit the Frog once said, “It isn’t easy being green,” so make sure to wear whatever emerald option you choose with confidence.  


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