JBD Clothiers CEO Quoted in the Wall Street Journal!

Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in their article on Men’s Underwear:

Some fashion pros warn against wearing anything too baggy under a suit. “You don’t want to stuff a pair of boxers inside your dress pants. All that extra fabric will scrunch up inside and your tailored suit won’t look so flattering anymore,” says Judah Estreicher, founder of JBD Clothiers, a custom men’s clothier in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area.

Estreicher is one of many fashion pros to say that underwear shouldn’t be so expensive, regardless of cut or style. “You can get a good quality pair for $15-20, but anything over $50 you will just be paying for the brand,” says Estreicher.

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JBD Clothiers is your source for Baltimore’s best premium custom clothing. One of the best things about custom clothing is the almost endless array of options you have when designing your clothing. Whether you want to customize the shirt cuff, collar, back, front, or monogram, all of these options and more are available. You can even pick which type stitching you want, whether you prefer functional button holes, or what color your jacket lining should be. No detail is too small or difficult for our expert tailors to work into your garment and ensure that you are satisfied with all aspects of your new clothing.

At JBD Clothiers, we have a wide selection of fine fabrics that utilizes the skill and attention to detail of our expert tailors, there is simply no other place to go for high end custom clothing than JBD Clothiers. The superiority of the JBD Experience is based solely on our expertise acquired over years of providing our customers from Baltimore and beyond with the clothing they want combined with the service that they deserve.

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