NBA Draft Players Dressed to the Nines

Basketball shirts and jerseys – that’s what you might think of when I tell you that we are going to talk about basketball style today, but you would be wrong.  The NBA Draft happened a couple of weeks ago and all the players dressed to the nines.  All our favorite ballers (and some newcomers) came out dressed looking much better than they normally do for game day.  


Not only were these players looking good, but they also set some trends and took some style risks.  We can all use some style competition and inspiration every once and awhile.  What better time of year than summer to try something different or even just tweak our standard look.  


If we take a look at the style we saw at the NBA draft this year, there was one trend that stood out among the rest at the draft.  I saw a lot of unique, custom jacket linings.  The linings of a jacket can really make it pop and show the quality of the jacket.  At the draft, there were a few examples of this.  

Malik Monk showed off the interior of his jacket as it was announced that he was the overall pick of the Charlotte Hornets.  He sported a jacket with a camo background and the words “The Woodz” freckled throughout it.  This lining is a reference to his roots and his hometown in Arkansas, showing a really personal flair in his style,  

Also sporting a custom lining in his jacket was De’Aaron Fox.  He donned a jacket lined with a pink ribbon pattern raising awareness for breast cancer.  Not only did he look good, but he was making a statement.  

These guys gave some great examples of how you can really let your personal style and flair show through even in the small details.  A lining might not seem like a big deal, especially because you don’t see it most of the time, but it really makes a statement and shows that you have a great custom style.  

One of my favorite examples from my own business of a personalized liner is one that I worked on for a wedding.  My client wanted to give the tuxedo for his wedding a little personal touch, so we added pictures of him and his fiance to the liner.  It really made what he was wearing for his wedding special.  

You don’t have to do anything super out there like a camo liner, but you could do something that is a bold pop of color or showcases a unique pattern.  It’s August and last month we had Independence Day – so why not try something a little bit independent in the way you dress (see what I did there).  Hit up your local custom clothier and ask them about custom liners.  You won’t regret it!

Questions about other small details where you can share personal flair? Let me know.  


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