Outdoor Wedding Season is on the Horizon

You may have noticed that the everyone has a bit more pep in their step lately.  The birds you forgot about have started to wake you up again a little earlier than you would like.  Oh, and outdoor wedding season is on the horizon (say hello to sitting on hay bales and listening to your significant other obsess over the outdoor wedding shoe conundrum).  

Good or bad, spring is here and it’s time to talk about something that you can introduce (or reintroduce) into your wardrobe now that the weather is a little warmer.  One of my favorite parts of spring is that the trouser options are a little bit brighter, a little more exciting, and allow for a little more expression.  

Every spring, certain colors of pants labeled “new and exciting” or “the trend of the season” make an appearance on fashion blogs and runways.  You may be the type of person who doesn’t have time or energy to keep up with these color trends, so I am here to help!  There are some men who always rely on their salmon shorts as a go-to pop of color in their spring wardrobe.  Trust me, you don’t want to be “the guy with the salmon shorts.”

Here are some options that are a little less prep-school and a lot more on trend this season:  

Make everyone else at the office GREEN with envy.  Yep, you guessed it. Green slacks are on trend.  Green has been showing up all over the runways this season.  Try a lighter olive pant for a more subtle choice or opt for a deeper shade of green for some bold slacks.  

Balance out those sunny days with a little GREY.  Grey is everywhere in fashion right now and that includes slacks.  This old standard is the making a comeback and stealing the spotlight from some other flashier options.  Go for a lighter grey slack to look spring-ready


WHITE slacks are always a solid option for the warmer months.  They can be dressed up for a wedding or day at office and made a little less formal for those warm summer nights.  Just remember, there are no white pants allowed after labor day, so wear the, while you can!

That’ll do it for your spring slacks update.  The tones this year are a little laid back, but don’t be afraid to make bold choices in other aspects of your wardrobe.  

(Bonus tip: if you are going for shorts instead of pants, the styles making a mark this season are bit shorter so try out something new with some shorter shorts.)


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