This Winter, Bundle Up to Stand Out

As the signs of colder weather begin to appear, it’s time to start thinking about cold weather fashion.  Chilly mornings make more layers necessary and although it might not be time to start wearing your winter overcoat quite yet, you should start thinking about the statement you want to make as the temperature gets lower.  

Gone are the days of plain old overcoats that blend in.  Winter 2015/16 is all about overcoats with bold details, so you can stand out even when Jack Frost comes to visit.  Coats with crazy patterns and textures showed up all of the runways this year, but hey, maybe you’re not Kanye and you don’t want to look like this (Yeezy collection); you don’t have to go crazy to make a statement with your overcoat.  

If you want your coat to be up-to-date but a bright red, plaid, fur coat is a little too funky for your taste, try playing with small details on your coat.  Here’s a few ideas:

  • Play with the buttons. Try buttons of a catchy color or go with buttons like these gold, nautical ones (Gucci)
  • Add some trim like this one with leather trim (Burberry London)

Play with a new color or add details in an accent color, like these (Louis Vuitton).  After all, the 70s are back this season so it’s time to get groovy.  

Whatever way you decide to make your overcoat stand out this year, remember to be yourself.  We can’t all be Yeezy.


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