Want to Wear Your Pajamas to Work? Go For It.

Over the past couple decades, the general fashion trends have become more and more casual.  In the 20s, suits were the norm for the everyday working gentleman.  Now a man who wears a suit daily is like a rare flower spotted in the rainforest, and business casual (emphasis on the casual) is the standard.

In my opinion, dressing to impress is always important.  Even if your office has a culture of business casual, a man in a suit always presents a more professional front.  But hey, maybe you are tired of the standard sport coat and slacks look.  2017 is here and you are looking to spice up your look.  New year, new you…or something like that.

Well if that is your style philosophy for the new year, I have some great news for you!  There are a lot of new trends you can try out.  If you want to start small, I recommend trying a new color. (see my article about wearing green).  However, today I want to talk about a wardrobe addition that is a bit bolder.  You know those mornings you wake up and you just don’t want to get up and you think to yourself, “If only I could wear my pajamas to work, then I could muster up the energy to leave this oasis of warmth and comfort…”  This year, YOU CAN!

Well, kind of.  One trend that I have seen popping up all over the place in the men’s fashion world is pajama suits.  This doesn’t mean you can sport your ratty sweats and favorite old t-shirt to work, but it does mean you can make a statement by donning a suit evoking the essence of pajamas.  If you want to stay comfortable, classy, and be fashionably bold, this trend is definitely for you.

There are a few different ways to approach an addition of the pajama suit trend to your ensemble:

  1.       You can go all out.  Go for the full pajama suit (or at the least, a sport coat) and stand out from the crowd.  This can be a great bold statement, but you want to make sure you that if you are going all in, you do it right.  Make sure your suit is well-fitted and while the full suit should be patterned, you don’t want to be an eyesore.  Choose a bold pattern that you might have seen on your classy grandpa’s pajamas, not something that evokes the vibe of an awkward family photo.  I think this option from Gucci is great:
  2. Go for one statement wardrobe item.  Going all out might sound cool, but maybe you aren’t ready to have all eyes on you.  That’s fine; you can try something a little less bold.  I recommend trying a patterned silk shirt with your standard suit or sport coat.  I know this probably sounds a bit too Austin Powers to you, but the 70s are definitely still in, so embrace it.  My main advice here would be to reiterate the sentiments from number 1: be mindful when choosing your pattern.   As long as you don’t choose an ugly pattern, you will be golden.  I like this one from Brioni:
  3. Classic suit style, different fabric.  If you want to avoid patterns altogether, I still think there is a way you can test out this trend without having to worry about finding the right pattern.  Try going with a classic cut gray or navy suit, but change up the fabric.  Go with something a little bit lighter or less structured.  This will allow you to get the look and feel of a pajama suit without having all eyes on you.


There are so many possibilities for sporting pajama suits.  As a custom clothier, I am all about this new trend.  It is a great opportunity to express yourself in a new way and there are endless possibilities for uniqueness.

Think I am crazy to recommend pajama suits?  Let me know.


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