What “Out”erwear You Should Wear to Stay “in” This Spring?

That dreaded night where we have to change our clocks and lose an hour of sleep has come and gone.  We have sprung our clocks forward, so I guess it’s time to spring forward in our wardrobes, too.  The beginning of spring also means New York Fashion Week happened not too long ago and gave us lots of ideas for innovating our outfits in Spring 2017.  

This year, we saw a lot of new and exciting coat and jacket developments, and since spring doesn’t mean the complete obliteration of chilly weather (especially with the vast array of weather we have seen lately), let’s take a look at a few jackets you can sport this spring to stay warm, look good, or both.  

Adventure, exploration, and being outdoorsy have long been trending and now we are starting to see these trends affect the fashion world, even if you never plan on leaving your neighborhood.  City-slicking, hitting the road or just going about your daily routine, any of these adventure-inspired jacket options will be sure to gain you style points.  

  1. Outfit yourself “technically”.  Technical outerwear is definitely a thing that we are seeing more of.  Even if you don’t plan on needing a fully waterproof jacket that helps you stand out in the wild, those are details that are now more than just functional, they are fashionable, too.  Try a sporting a brightly colored waterproof jacket with your ensemble to look ready for adventure this spring.  (I like this one from Dior)
  2. Blend in.  Camouflage is currently on trend.  You probably won’t blend into your everyday surroundings if you sport this trend (unless your day job involves the outdoors).  Try pairing a camo utility jacket with a button down and a nice pair of slacks for a semi-casual spring look.  
  3. Look classic in denim.  Denim jackets are making a comeback this season.  Traditionally known for being a casual style piece, you can integrate a denim jacket into your business casual look to maintain a professional spring look.  In your casual dress, denim on denim is in.  If you are daring, you can try wearing denim on top and on bottom.

    (I like this option from Asos)


BONUS: Looking to look spring ready without investing in a completely new jacket style?  Wearing your jacket or sweater around your waist is also in this year.  This simple trend is an easy way to look spring ready and fashion forward this year.  Think this style reminds you f your dad?  Maybe so, but dads might be making a comeback.  

(Pictured: We saw this look on the runway this year from designers Ami, Sacai, and J.W. Anderson.)


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