What Time is it? Time For a Vocabulary Lesson

What time is it? Time for a vocabulary lesson.  Horology is the art of making clocks and watches and it is our topic of discussion today.  Watches may be a small piece of your wardrobe, but they can be just the right touch to polish off your outfit well.  (On the other hand, the wrong watch can totally ruin your outfit.)  Maybe right about now, you’re thinking, “Hey, do I even need to worry about watch styles with the rise of the smartwatch?”  My response to that question would be: most definitely! Because classic never goes out of style.  

So let’s get to it, first I want to talk about watch size.  There was a while there where big-faced watches were all the rage and maybe you went with it.  Well, that trend has come and gone and normal to small-faced watches are popping up everywhere.  In fact, watch companies everywhere are coming out with small-faced watches.  Small watches aren’t just for women anymore and not only do they look good but a smaller watch gives your wrist a little bit of a rest.  (if you’re new to watches, you may be curious what I mean by “small.”  I would say anything under 42mm is normal-sized and anything under 38mm is pretty small.  If you’re still confused, you’re local watch store would probably be happy to help!)  

Another current watch trend is the return to a classic look.  Vintage-inspired watches have been popping up everywhere.  Fellas, this is great news for us because a classic watch never goes out of style.  That means look for good old-fashioned dials with the always functional batons and thin leather bands.  

Since we’re on the topic of leather watch bands, let me answer a frequently asked question.  Yes, your watch should match your belt and your shoes if it is leather.  That means brown watch strap with brown shoes and brown belt and if you’re wearing black shoes and a black belt, your watch strap should be black, too.

Ok, now let’s talk metal.  No, I’m not talking about musical tastes here, but I want to talk about gold; white gold, more specifically.  Recently, we have seen a move away from regular gold in watch faces towards a lot more silver gold.  Personally, this kind of trend gets me excited!  A rise in white gold in watches means more options for us!.  Gold will always be there to have your back if you need it, but white gold is new and surprising and also polishes off your outfit well, so feel free to choose what fits you best.  

And with that, It’s time for me to go.  (See what I did there.)  Stick with a classic watch look and your outfit is sure to be that much better.  


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