Yes, you can wear sneakers with a suit…if you know how

Oftentimes, my clients come to me looking for creative ways to reboot their look because their wardrobe is beginning to feel stale. They want to look “put together,” while still being modern and fresh. My advice to them? Break some rules.

And perhaps the best example of this right now is sneakers with suits.

Here are five reasons you should consider pairing your suit with a fresh pair of kicks:

It allows you to show some personality in your style. Wearing sneakers with your suit tells the world that you are style savvy and you aren’t afraid to occasionally be daring.

It’s comfortable. This is a great solution if you walk to work or spend a lot of time moving about during the day. Try matching your navy suit with a nice pair of white Converse. Your feet will thank you.

Sneakers have become just as fashionable as dress shoes. When the suit and dress shoe combo came into existence, sneakers were not what they are today. Nowadays, you can have sneakers for practical purposes, sneakers for style and sneakers that fall somewhere in between. Sneakers have become just as much of a style statement piece as dress shoes. Done correctly, they fit perfectly into a business wardrobe.

It’s summertime! Summer fashion tends to be more carefree and daring, making it the perfect season to experiment a little. So embrace your creative side and try something new.

It’s a great way to create contrast. Contrast can help you stand out amongst a crowd and turn a few heads. Choose a sneaker that contrasts your pants, rather than blending in with them.

Warning: Please, please don’t wear your regular old running kicks with your suit. This new trend has created a new category of shoes — the fashion sneaker – and they shouldn’t ever see a gym floor. Your fashion sneakers should be well cared for, clean and defined.


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